Delia Meshlir (CH - Vaud)

After several projects spanning from blues-rock (Cheyenne) to experimental music (Primitive Trails), Delia Meshlir released her first folk solo album under her own name in 2015 («Stories From Vacuity»). The director Emanuelle Antille later offered to include two of its songs in her Karen Dalton biopic «A Bright Light - Karen and the Process». A tour with Laure Betris (Kassette, Pier) and Melissa Kassab then followed.

In 2019, Delia Meshlir surrounded herself with guitarist Steven Navid (Widdershins) and drummer Arnaud Martin (Oregon Trail). A year later, the EP «Almost Spring» was published, adding rock and psychedelic elements to the initial blend of folk. More recently, bassist Alex Müller (HEX, Future Faces) and saxophone player Ilham Moubachir joined the project to record «Calling The Unknown», Delia Meshlir’s second album (Irascible Records). The poetic writing continues to steer into a more indie-rock direction, reminding of Angel Olsen, Cat Power and PJ Harvey. The record is an exploration of the more complicated sides of love (love after grief, love in a long-term relationship, self-love, etc.).

On Tour

  • 27.06.2024
    Odeon | Brugg
  • 18.10.2024
    Café Kairo | Bern