Liima – 1982

In the year 1982, Time Magazine chose the first ever non-human “person of the year”; the Personal Computer. It’s also the year that Liima’s Casper Clausen was born, with the other three band members born in the surrounding years. Though ‘1982’ is not an album that tries to mimic the sounds of that year, it is an album borne of influences and circumstances that stem back to that point in time. It’s an album that sees the band questioning the concept of identity and our place in time - as much an album of existential questioning and of looking forward as it is of nostalgia and reflection.

  • Künstler*in


  • Herkunft

    DEN / FIN

  • Titel


  • Format


  • 03.11.2017

  • Label

    City Slang

  • Besetzung

    Tatu Rönkkö, Casper Clausen, Jens Rasmus Stolberg, Mads Brauer

  • Für Fans von

    Grizzly Bear, Efterklang

  • Pressetext

    PDF [PDF, 126.58kB]