Lord Kesseli And The Drums (CH - St. Gallen)

«Melodies of Immortality» is not an easy ride: the eccentric and unpredictable duo Lord Kesseli & The Drums keeps on spreading incense all over the air (just like on their first eponymous album), reaching infernal heights and heavenly depths alike. Eight tracks that grasp the wonderful interactions between scientific/empirical experience, robot/human and patients/therapists. The world is a vast cabinet de curiositéthat Lord Kesseli & The Drums wrap in crushing melodies - just to release it all in your body the moment after.

«All my friends are made out of love / I’m the designed one / I am healthy strong and hot as hell / I’m the designed one»: Lord Kesseli & The Drums don’t waste any time. On their first track, « Chemical Mother », they affirm, loud and proud, that they are Switzerland’s most insane active band. Their blend of rock and psychedelia, soft chords and crippling arpeggi but also their wish to smash harmony with destruction ; everything here has this unhealthy bittersweet taste. Now you are warned. 

« Melody of Immortality » is not an easy ride. On eight tracks, the frantic Lord shows us - hidden under a great ton of reverb and pathos – what his world is made of. He sings about his love for a robot : «Didn’t you get how deep in love I am / I don’t need anyone else / please come back to me / you gave me everything» «Robert My Robot»; relates his psychotropic routine: «I’m always on the bridge / between my bed and the fridge / rock ’n’ roll in my veins / my neighbor thinks I’m strange»; and finally recalls that magician who duplicates him: «I want you to make two of us / one is free / one is in love». 

The Drums’ feverish style completes the intensity of the lyrics. In the role of the passionate tamer, he dictates dramaturgy, strength and the radicality of the performance. Limits ? There’s no such thing in The Drums’ universe* !

Two years and a half after the band’s first eponymous album, «Melodies of Immortality» is set to be released on Irascible Records and Bookmaker Records, packed as a double LP – the perfect support for Lord Kesseli & The Drums’ music. The wondrous duo will then tour Europe with their unforgettable live performances : thick air full of incense, darkness and, most of all, an unbearable feeling of freedom.

At last, Lord Kesseli and The Drums don’t look for any other thing than salvation - just like everyone of us in this world of dispair - torn appart by the same fears, the same insecurity: « Deep in my heart / I know what’s right / but I’m afraid / to look inside» he sings on «Winterstorm», before Marie Malou’s voice penetrates by whispering «Guide your heart / to the end of this night / there will be a sunrise / even you will find some light.» 


* All instruments are tuned in A=432 Hz, 
an alternative tuning that is mathematically consistent with the universe. 
As a pure tone of math fundamental to nature, 
it therefore generates healthy effects among the listeners. 
It brings natural harmony and balance of the 3rd dimension 
and connects you with a higher consciousness. 
The pure and clean energy of 432Hz removes mental block 
and opens a way to a more fulfilling life.


On Tour

  • 09.08.2019
    Fête Sur le Lac | Eggersriet
  • 30.08.2019
    Bogen F | Zürich
  • 06.10.2019
    UP in SMOKE festival at Z7 | Pratteln