Morse (CH - Lausanne)

MORSE’s deep vocals are captivating, like those of an old-timey storyteller. Be it when he sings about the physical act of love (“Cotton On Your Skin”) or the hardships of life, the death of a father and the loss of a lover (“Terrace Hill”), the sincerity is disarming. The tone is simple, placid, transparent. Enveloping the vocals are sensual grooves, backed with layers of enchanting electronic landscapes and a haunting harmonica: the sonic spectrum is filled to the brim with captivating details. MORSE, an autodidactic musician, plays with his musical influences to create his own brand of sound. He borrows his solemn timbre from blues, a certain sense of freedom from jazz and wraps them in the ethereal moods of electronic music. All this is created alone: the songwriting, the recording and the mix are done in his Lausanne apartment.