Alois – Night Vision

Founded in 2015, Alois are due to release their highly anticipated third record “Night Vision” on Red Brick Records in 2023. Hailing from Zurich, Switzerland, the band follow up on their electronica- heavy prequel “Azul”, with a view to capturing more of an organic band sound: drawn-out jams and live- band vibes are entangled into the precise mechanics of pop music and the band display a strong commitment to maximising the technical possibilities of state-of-the-art studio production. On first listen the music conveys a strong sense of longing for Balearic waters and Majorcan sunsets but it also brings to mind the double-edged unsettling discomfort stirred up by the fogginess of dystopian cityscapes.

  • Artiste


  • Origine

    CH - Luzern

  • Titre

    Night Vision

  • Format


  • Sortie


  • Label

    Red Brick Chapel

  • Membres

    Florian Schneider, Martin Schenker, Lukas Weber, Luzius Schuler & David Hänni

  • Contact

    Gilles Kaeser