Capital Youth – Perfect Timing

‘Perfect Timing’ by Capital Youth was recorded at the beginning of 2021 when everything was at a standstill. Sparing the band some time to work out the finest details of this 12 track record the band already considers to be a real culmination to their 5 years of activity. The compositions are spacious and the cadence is slowed to allow space for melodies that are confidently Pop without losing the original punk energy the band is rooted in. Arrangements that are transparent and readable, snappy hooks and a crisp rhythm section make for a perfect ground for a lyrical universe that is contemporary and uniting. The acoustic guitar, the percussions and the synthetic elements build onto the band’s already strong base, allowing for a modern feel in an intimate wrap. Softened but not conditioned, the four members of Capital Youth went individually exploring their own version of punk and returned strong, mindful and loving. Hard pop or soft punk. This new record is an ode to old times, and a pledge to keep it dusted.

  • Artiste

    Capital Youth

  • Origine

    CH - Geneva

  • Titre

    Perfect Timing

  • Format


  • Sortie


  • Label

    Roosevelt Records

  • Feuille de Présentation

    PDF [PDF, 162.89kB]

  • Contact

    Arnaud Martin