«XO SKELETON» is the supple, steady, uncanny new album by La Force: a mixture of haunted pop and hot-blooded R&B that glistens at the meeting-point between life, death, and love. The album, coproduced by La Force and Warren Spicer (Plants and Animals), will be available everywhere in digital and LP format on September 29 via Secret City Records.

«XO SKELETON» is filled with heady questioning around topics like the finality of death or the protection that another person’s love can or cannot bestow. But more than that, these are body questions—matters of breath and flesh and pulse—which is the stuff at the center of all La Force’s music, beginning with her 2018 debut and also beyond into Engle’s electrifying work with Broken Social Scene, Big Red Machine, Efrim Menuck, Safia Nolin, and AroarA (her duo with her husband, Andrew Whiteman). La Force’s voice is stunning—at once luscious and wise—but so is her even-keeled, sensitive, and physical point of view.