Komet City – Digital Reggae Party Vol. 1

Around forty instrumental pieces served as a starting point. Crafted, tweaked, home made. With, as main inspirations, cold and digital reggae, Grace Jones and UB40, but also Laid Back and their Sunshine Reggae, or the obscure Frozen Explosion and their greasy and gooey cold dub. Digital Reggae. The emphasis on the 2nd and the 4th, Saturday dances at summer camps with with Ace of Base on loop! A blend of sounds that muddy the waters, swinging between Coltrane and nursery rhymes. From groove to romance, from "Exotica" and "easy listening" music to the chorus/flanger solo of my birth year. And always with those funny little drum machines, which allow my musical disequilibrium to stand up straight!

  • Künstler*in

    Komet City

  • Herkunft

    CH - Genève

  • Titel

    Digital Reggae Party Vol. 1

  • Format


  • 30.09.2022

  • Label

    Soul Beat Records, Roots International Records

  • Pressetext

    PDF [PDF, 393.37kB]

  • Kontakt

    Niklaus Buehler