Trailer Trash Tracys – Althaea

Over the course of their lush, strange, defiantly unclassifiable sophomore album “Althaea”, London duo Trailer Trash Tracys condense a number of disparate styles into music that thrillingly broaches the void between figuration and abstraction. While undeniably beautiful and quite often infectious in parts, this is certainly not pop music by any traditional definition; rather, it appeals to the more intuitive of mind and wild at heart. More than simply becoming a philosophical exercise however, the result is their most ambitious and idiosyncratic body of work to date, one which operates at the very limits of what pop music can be.

  • Künstler

    Trailer Trash Tracys

  • Herkunft


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  • 11.08.2017

  • Label

    Double Six

  • Besetzung

    Susanne Aztoria, Jimmy Lee

  • Für Fans von

    Still Corners, Memoryhouse, Blouse

  • Pressetext

    PDF [PDF, 584.26kB]

  • Kontakt

    Fabienne Schmuki