Walter Frosch – Star 10110

On their latest release, Star 10110, Walter Frosch explores icy downtempo rhythms, rapturous synthpop, and jagged post-punk undertones that simmer and snarl. Their deep grooves and propulsive basslines serve as a steady heartbeat on each of the eight tracks that pierce layers of lush atmospherics and cold, melancholic melodies. The new album propels the listener into a twilight world, resonating with vivid glacial textures and an empyrean allure. Lose yourself in its hypnotic embrace and hazy glow.

  • Künstler*in

    Walter Frosch

  • Herkunft

    CH - Schaffhausen

  • Titel

    Star 10110

  • Format


  • 19.04.2024

  • Label

    Irascible Records (Switzerland), Mangel Records (Germany), Glowing Dagger Records (USA)

  • Besetzung

    Rune Dahl Hansen, Mike Saxer

  • Kontakt

    Fabienne Schmuki