Zouj X Sahareya – Only Risks

Zouj X Sahareya are ready to announce their new collaborative EP «Only Risks», set to unleash its scorching energy via City Slang 13th of July. The dynamic duo, producer Zouj and Slovenian artist Sahareya, have taken their collaboration to soaring heights! After the mind-bending fusion of «Driving With My Eyes Closed» from Zouj's «Metal» EP last year and the recent single «Freeride», it's clear that this is just the beginning of their musical journey. Their second single «Death Of Me» from their upcoming EP is an auditory masterpiece that defies boundaries and takes you on an electrifying sonic adventure. This adrenaline-pumping anthem blends house, rap, and balkan brass sections, creating a unique and captivating sound. The single comes with a raw yet energetic video, authentically capturing their essence in mesmerizing detail.