One Sentence. Supervisor (CH - AG/ZH)

It was the release of «Temporär Musik 1-13» that got the ball rolling: One Sentence. Supervisor’s second album was released in October 2016. The four-piece from Baden, Switzerland, had previously released six of the 13 tracks from the album free of charge, immediately after they had been written and recorded. In 2019, One Sentence. Supervisor are back with quite some news: their new drummer, Sarah Palin, as well as the oud-player Bahur Ghazi, who had joined the group on selected concerts of their «Temporär Musik 1-13»-tour, are now fixed band-members – which maks the band a five-piece now! For their new album «Acedia», Released in fall 2019, they chose to collaborate with producer/musician Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, aka Jerusalem In My Heart.

On Tour

  • 12.08.2023
    Schüür | Luzern
  • 27.08.2023
    Mätteli Badenfahrt | Baden
  • 09.09.2023
    jor cana | Trimbach