One Sentence. Supervisor – How Many Others

«How many others will survive? / Good is different, God is profit». Swiss/Syrian outfit One Sentence. Supervisor are known for their highly critical position towards consumption and capitalism. After the release of their broadly acclaimed sophomore album «Acedia», an oeuvre which broached the issue of climate change at utmost urgency, One Sentence. Supervisor continue releasing «Temporär Musik» (temporary music): «How Many Others» is Temporär Musik-release number 16, and it’s about the madness of our system, without going down the slippery trail and becoming all morally about it. This is being achieved by drummer & singer Sarah Palin (for the first time singing on a One Sentence. Supervisor track), translating Swiss German text literally into English. By doing this, she blends consumers into goddesses and vice versa. The bottom line of the track is: If you try to fight the system on your own, you won’t succeed. You will need others. You will need a rebellion. The central question stays the same: How many others will join?