Hilke – Greta

Last year, we have been spending a lot of time in front of our webcams and on social media. In her debut single Greta, Hilke challenges us to contemplate on how we deal with our emotions on the internet. Why do we get angry so fast? And why are we so eager to find someone to blame?
The track, featuring vocals by Gregory Frateur (Dez Mona), is danceable but slow, both deranging and soothing, fragile, but confident, like you would be dancing on ice. The song is a forerunner to Hilke’s upcoming album Silent Violent, a ’coming of gender’ story about finding your own voice, hiding your feelings, and failed masculinity.

Hilke is a former member of the Belgian dream pop outfit Amatorski and released some electronic tracks under the moniker Hroski. Now she shows herself in all honesty under her own name: Hilke. ‘Greta’ is not only a song, but also an interactive web experience. Text your friends, switch your cameras on, show off your lip syncing skills, or just dance on hilk.eu/greta