Kush K – Lotophagi

Are you a lotus-eater? How much of that lotus stuff can you take? Are you open to try some? Can you handle it? Are you prone to addiction? But, most importantly, what is your choice lotus? Lotophagi* (lotus-eaters) is the name of the debut record by Swiss psych/garage/folk combo Kush K, also known as Catia, Pascal, Paul and Nicola. This deliciously hissy, retro tinged / 60s inflected gem of an LP is a meditation on all the things that give us a high in life and, as a result, define our personal values and determine the quality of our relationships. Remember, one person’s high might just as well be another person’s ultimate downer.

  • Artiste

    Kush K

  • Origine

    CH - Zürich

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  • Label

    BlauBlau Records

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    PDF [PDF, 1.09MB]

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    Gilles Kaeser