Palko!Muski – 10 YEAHS ...And Still Thirsty!

PALKO!MUSKI is celebrating their 10th years. No reason to step down, nono! Rather 10 YEAHS .​.​.​AND STILL THIRSTY! Best way to celebrate is releasing new stuff and bringing the music to the people! That's why PALKO!MUSKI is releasing a special LP with rare and so far unpublished tracks as well as a couple of remixes of well known songs.

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    CH - Zurich

  • Titre

    10 YEAHS ...And Still Thirsty!

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    Baptiste Beleffi (vocals, keys), Matthias Honegger (bass, vocals), Bertrand Vorpe (guitar, vocals), Pascal Lopinat (drums, vocals), Christoph Craviolini (accordion, vocals)