Pat Burgener – What Can I Believe? feat. James Hersey (Single)

Pat Burgener reveals the first single of his next EP: an incredible collaboration with the Austrian popstar James Hersey

Pat Burgener introduces his new EP with a single featuring Austrian superstar James Hersey, best known for his global hits "Miss You" and "How Hard I Try," which have gathered over 220 million streams on Spotify.

Pat explains: “Like many of us, I used to listen to James’ music on the radio. I wondered if I would ever be able to write worldwide hits like that, and today I am releasing a song with him. I still can't believe it.”

“What Can I Believe?” addresses the doubts that constantly arise throughout their journey, despite the various successes they've experienced. They discuss the whirlwind of thoughts one can have and the need to let go of them to find inner peace.

Pat Burgener's new EP, set for release in spring 2024, will consist exclusively of collaborations with international artists who have been significant sources of inspiration throughout his life. Other prestigious guests include Tay Oskee (Floating) and Sean Koch (Lift You Up).

  • Artiste

    Pat Burgener

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    CH - Vaud

  • Titre

    What Can I Believe? feat. James Hersey (Single)

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    Niklaus Buehler