Rio Wolta – Blaubart

Earlier this year, Rio Wolta travelled to Russia to compose music for the renowned contemporary dance ensemble "Provincial Dances". Together with eight dancers and under the direction of celebrated choreographer Tatiana Baganova, the piece "Bluebeard" was written, premiering in June at the American Dance Festival in front of an international audience. With "Blaubart", Rio Wolta releases a shortened version of it. A beautiful adventure thus begins: just as the album is being released, the Zurich-based musician is already back in Moscow to work on the next piece.

  • Artiste

    Rio Wolta

  • Origine

    CH - Zurich

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  • Label

    Sihlfeld Produktionen

  • Feuille de Présentation

    PDF (EN) [PDF, 4.95MB]

  • Contact

    Gilles Kaeser