Vera Sola – Desire Path

Vera Sola returns with new single «Desire Path», her first new music since 2019. Alongside the release, she’s announced her signing to City Slang. Vera Sola has never fit any mold or followed in any footsteps—not even those of her own making. Her newest release blows out the walls of what she’d established before. Where debut album «Shades» was made almost entirely alone, «Desire Path» was co-produced with Kenneth Pattengale, and recorded in Nashville with over a dozen contributing musicians. It marks a dramatic shift from the shadowy, enclosed nature of her first recordings, to a sweeping new sonic landscape. As a result, her unique vision and sound is now fully realised with renewed focus on her remarkable voice. This most recent effort proves that she remains “an utterly singular talent."

  • Artiste

    Vera Sola

  • Origine

    CAN, USA

  • Titre

    Desire Path

  • Format


  • Sortie


  • Label

    City Slang

  • Contact

    Gilles Kaeser