Villagers – The Art Of Pretending To Swim

Always restless and inventive while always true to the power and glory of songwriting and melody, Conor O’Brien has made another great leap forward with Villagers’ fourth studio album, “The Art Of Pretending To Swim”. Following the exquisitely sparse, intimate aura of 2015’s “Darling Arithmetic”, O’Brien’s new record reconnects with the multi-faceted approach of Villagers’ 2010 album debut “Becoming A Jackal” and 2013’s “{Awayland}” while adding a new-found soulfulness, rhythmic nous and dazzling panoply of sonic detail, both analogue and digital, creating feverish moods while writing effortlessly accessible tunes. Balanced with subtle aspects and lyrical themes that embrace existential fears and hopes in this desperate, technologically-centred dystopian age, “The Art Of Pretending To Swim” is the most brilliantly realised Villagers album to date.

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    The Art Of Pretending To Swim

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    Domino Records

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    Gilles Kaeser