Blind Butcher (CH - Luzern)

The beat draws you in, the atmospheres electrify you: Blind Butcher know how to please their audience. And for those who think it might just be smoke and mirrors, nothing could be further from the truth: bursting with energy, the two Luzern-based musicians Christian Aregger and Roland Bucher have developed the perfect blend of minimalistic, playful and über-danceable madness. It was with «Albino» in 2013 (Subversiv Records) that the duo pressed its wild mix of rock'n'roll, disco, new wave, punk, country and electronic music onto vinyl for the first time. Then came «Alawalawa» (2017, Voodoo Rhythm Records), their second album, where they took things a step further, showcasing their huge skills with tongue-twisters and their ability to write instant classics («Staubsaugerbaby» and «Hexentanzen»).