Blind Butcher – Flash Snap Shot

Luzern-based duo Blind Butcher are back with a new… calendar. It’s 2022, so why release vinyl and CDs when you can provide a sweet 12-page yearly agenda with beautiful illustrations by Corinne Odermatt and a QR code to download a new song every 22nd of the month ? In comes “Catch 22”! If you do not have the calendar, you can stream or download the songs every 22th on the common online platforms!

For the first instalment of this 12-song saga, the band starts with a “classic” Blind Butcher track: punk-wave-fun with lots of drive to slip away from the Januaryhole. Jumpy in the verse, ugly in the chorus. Like flipping a coin. "You can’t always get wat you want !„ But you can always have fun with Blind Butcher!  See you on February 22nd!