Wolfman (CH - Zürich)

On their third album « Mad Woman”, Katerina Stoykova and Angelo Repetto reap the harvest of their patience. The few months they spent in the studio have turned out to be a creative peak in the band’s life. They’ve travelled to the heart of their emotions and have musically shifted their collaboration and their work to a new binary Utopia, where X/Y are replaced by M/W (Mad Woman, WolfMan) and come together to form a new inclusive and egalitarian society.

On Tour

  • 24.08.2019
    Love Tree Festival | Willisau
  • 30.08.2019
    Bogen F | Zürich
  • 31.08.2019
    Kulturplatzfest | Chur
  • 07.09.2019
    Rock The Docks | Zug
  • 27.09.2019
    Zurich Meet Seoul - Zandari | Seoul