Disco Doom – Mt. Surreal

Disco Doom - the Switzerland-based band led by Anita Rufer and Gabriele De Mario - announce Mt. Surreal, their first new album in 8 years, out September 16th on Exploding in Sound. Today, they present its lead single/video, “Rogue Wave.” Mt. Surreal is brimming with frayed guitar, intricate rhythms, compelling vocals, and fidgety percussion. Its sprawling composition is one you can get lost in - a strange and peculiar journey that’ll wrap you up deep inside its intoxicating world, where lyrics leap out at odd moments, where a hook grabs just when the whole thing threatens to combust. Mt. Surreal offers an exhilarating ride, as well as an ambiguous look at society, touching upon themes of nostalgia and detachment in this strange new world we currently encounter. 

  • Künstler*in

    Disco Doom

  • Herkunft

    CH - Zürich

  • Titel

    Mt. Surreal

  • Format


  • 16.09.2022

  • Label

    Exploiding in Sound

  • Kontakt

    Niklaus Buehler