Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending

Forget everything you think you know about Franz Ferdinand. Always Ascending is nothing short of a rebirth. The album’s ten songs are a triumphant recasting of one of our favourite groups, bursting with fresh ideas and vigorous sonic experimentation. It’s intended to hit you in the heart before the brain. These are the sounds of the Parisian night, the exhilaration of an Italian car racing down the autobahn; a feeling of euphoria so pure it could only exist on a knife’s edge, occasionally gliding into euphoric heartcreak.

They wanted this record to sound like no other you’ve heard, never mind any other Franz Ferdinand record. Here it is. Stick it on. Think “What the fuck is that… I LOVE it!” It’s Always Ascending and it’s out on Friday the 9th of February.

  • Künstler*in

    Franz Ferdinand

  • Herkunft


  • Titel

    Always Ascending

  • Format


  • 09.02.2018

  • Label

    Domino Records

  • Besetzung

    Alex Kapranos, Dino Bardot, Paul Thomson, Robert Hardy, Julian Corrie

  • Kontakt

    Fabienne Schmuki