Noga Erez – NO News On TV feat. Ori Rousso (Single)

Tel-Aviv based artist Noga Erez releases “NO news on TV,” an up-beat bop that she and her partner Ori Rousso wrote during the COVID-19 pandemic while producing and writing their highly anticipated second LP. The track is seamlessly guided by Noga and Ori's sleek production and provides a warning against apathy and giving into paralysis and fear, particularly now when there is so much to care about. The song’s music video, which is also out now, is a lesson in what happens when we seek apathy’s illusion of peace of mind.

  • Künstler*in

    Noga Erez

  • Herkunft


  • Titel

    NO News On TV feat. Ori Rousso (Single)

  • Format


  • 23.06.2020

  • Label

    City Slang

  • Kontakt

    Niklaus Buehler