Oscar Anton – Castles

Finally leaving his bedroom after two years stuck in isolation to write his biggest project to date : Home of Sanity, and because of the covid pandemic, it’s in early 2022 that Oscar starts his new ‘’postcards’’ challenge. The postcards are double singles released every first friday of every month and recorded in a new country/city each time with a new artist.
Oscar started his world tour by stopping by Italy to record the postcard from Milan and its single cheerios with VV. In february, he took a trip to Berlin to hang out with Fil Bo Riva and write their hit single grapejuice (already at nearly 700k streams) and the most recent to date is the postcard from Madrid featuring the single homesick made with the spanish singer dani.

On this release Oscar is leaving Europe to go to Istanbul to record the single castles with Nilipek between the 5 kebabs he ate in 3 days. Oscar’s and Nili’s soft voices combined with the nostalgic ukulele on castles brings us in a warm fuzzy atmosphere that makes us want to read a good book by a fire, longing for summer.

Following the great success of the “Home Of Sanity” challenge, Oscar Anton is back with the “Postcards” concept. Traveling across the world, the bedroom pop artist keeps on writing his success story by releasing a new single every month, each single being recorded in a different city/country with a local artist he met during his trip. This first postcard from Milan opens up a new chapter bringing Oscar out of his bedroom to see the world, and party with you during his “first tour ever” which will start in April and already plans stops in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, England, The Netherlands and more.