Sébastien Tellier – Domesticated

There once was another Sébastien Tellier – “a lone wolf,” as the Parisian pop genius puts it. Then he fell in love. Then, came marriage. After that, came kids, till one day, the acclaimed synth- loving songwriter found himself alone in his home, entranced by a toaster. “Domestication is a universal subject, an experience we all go through,” he explains. “It’s a good life! I feel like I really exist now. That I’m more than just a wolf – there’s a warmth now, a purpose.” On the cult star’s sixth studio album, his first in five years, Tellier explores this topic in typically dreamy, lo-fi fash- ion. An airy, electronic adventure full of eclecticism and eccentricism, Domesticated is the French national treasure at his delightful best.