Sen Morimoto – Diagnosis

Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist Sen Morimoto’s third album «Diagnosis» sees him flip the script. After releasing two albums – 2018 debut «Cannonball!» and a 2021 self-titled follow-up – via his own Sooper Records, the artist signed to City Slang to co-release his third album alongside Sooper, and it came at a time of fundamental change. With mental health discourse and artists’ trauma teetering between serving as positive forms of expression and becoming dangerous, exploitative selling points, the true and just recipient of your ire should be the systems themselves. Through writing introspectively on past albums, Morimoto set the groundwork to write «Diagnosis» from a different perspective. “I wanted to investigate those same questions, but outwardly towards the systems that govern us and to society at large,” he says.