The Barr Brothers – Queens Of The Breakers

Queens of the Breakers was born in three sessions at a cabin in the country, a place called the Wild Studio. Brad took those first free sounds and distilled them into tidal, seeking songs - stories of the way lovers and companions fall in and out of sync. More recording followed at Studio Mixart, in Montreal, and at the group's own boiler-room of a practice space. The result is this: 11 tracks of blazing courage and failing resolve; music suffused with low grooves and darting melodies, subtle breakages, the Barr Brothers' wide-open sense of the blues.

  • Künstler*in

    The Barr Brothers

  • Herkunft


  • Titel

    Queens Of The Breakers

  • Format


  • 13.10.2017

  • Label

    Secret City

  • Besetzung

    Brad Barr (guitar), Andrew Barr (drums), Sarah Page (Harp)

  • Pressetext

    PDF [PDF, 632.75kB]

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    Fabienne Schmuki