The Kills – List of Demands (Reparations)

The greatest duos teeter on the cliff’s edge between chaos and equilibrium, salvation and obliteration, 10,000-watt voltage and gothic darkness. For a decade and a half, The Kills have mastered that savage balance, unleashing artful detonation and subtle vocal and guitar violence. For their latest attack, the Domino Records artists re-wired the circuits of Saul Williams’ “List of Demands (Reparations)” to create a wounded, volcanic, and urgent anthem. An opaque but powerful litany that could incite the most apathetic to action, a wake-up call capable of being interpreted as personal or political.

  • Künstler*in

    The Kills

  • Herkunft


  • Titel

    List of Demands (Reparations)

  • Format


  • 01.03.2018

  • Label

    Domino Records

  • Pressetext

    PDF [PDF, 1.89MB]

  • Kontakt

    Fabienne Schmuki