Vera Sola – Peacemaker

Peacemaker follows Vera Sola's critically acclaimed 2018 debut Shades. Created in near-total isolation, when she finally decided to release it, it was the first time Vera Sola had ever let anyone hear her sing. It’s memorable artwork found her crouched in the corner of a derelict building and like the photograph on its cover, the recording found her voice layered, shrouded in shadow. Peacemakerblows out the walls of that room and surges across the grand American landscape it inhabit

  • Künstler*in

    Vera Sola

  • Herkunft

    CAN, USA

  • Titel


  • Format


  • 02.02.2024

  • Label

    City Slang

  • Kontakt

    Sophie Dürr