One Sentence. Supervisor – Fly The Curse Like A Kite (Single)

«Fly The Curse Like A Kite» is a «before lockdown» song that underwent several changes over the course of a year. It evolved from this gallopping intro riff and it took the band a while to come up with a counterpart that would both contrast the frantic verse and keep up the tension. 
«Initially,» singer Donat Kaufmann explains,  «I wanted the song to be about 'the customer', or more precisely, 'the customer's journey': A song about the obsession to go about your days rating. Rate cappuccinos, rate services, rate runs, rate sex, rate friends. As if life was divided into good and bad products.» 
Then, Kaufmann picked up this line «swipe right, fly the curse like a kite». He had found it in an old diary which he occasionally flips through when lacking inspiration. The line resonated with his habit of examining that habit, rating, that's why it jumped at him. 
«I started thinking about all the consequences that casual movement of your finger (swipe) can have – for yourself, your offline and online neighbors, the environment. I got tangled up in the idea of it being the starting point of so many developments that are eventually too big to grasp. They just keep unfolding, right now, as we speak, unstoppable, overlapping, blending, like warm air expanding. The song is about trying not to think about this too much and doing it all the same. I guess. Hard to track it back.»


  • Künstler*in

    One Sentence. Supervisor

  • Herkunft

    CH – Baden, Luzern, Zürich

  • Titel

    Fly The Curse Like A Kite (Single)

  • Format


  • 11.12.2020

  • Label

    Irascible Records

  • Besetzung

    Donat Kaufmann (g, voc), Jonas Oster (g), Bahur Ghazi (oud), Andreas Hefti (b), Sarah Palin (dr)

  • Kontakt

    Fabienne Schmuki, Gilles Kaeser