AMIXS  "Bushaltestell Kannefeldplatz" for Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin

Sorhab Chitan gives his body and soul to his art for Bon Parfumeur

THE ANIMEN  "Harder Than Stone" for Bon Parfumeur                                                                                     

EMILIE ZOE  "Noting Stands" for Wilder (SRF) 


GreenState Credit Union Moving Forward :30 spot

TAKE ME HOME  "Never Gonna Stop" for GreenState Credit


Alps EpicTrail Davos

CRISTALLIN  "Talking To The Sun" for Davos Klosters 


Die Diagnose | Episode 1 von 5 | Staffel 4 | Nr. 47



KA BRU Brazil

WOLFMAN  "Darken The Sun" for KA BRU Brazil


BERENFORD Campaign 2014

TAKE ME HOME  "Level Up" for Berenford


Die Postkarte | Episode 5 von 5 | Staffel 2 | Nr. 47

YELLOW TEETH  "Make It Shine" for Nr.47 (SRF)


Catering-Abend | Episode 3 von 5 | Staffel 3 | Nr. 47

SHUTTLE  "Cruising" for Nr.47 (SRF)

MUTHONI DRUMMER QUEEN  "Suzie Noma" for Asus - Zenbook

La Vie Acrobate, un film de Coline Confort - Bande annonce

ORGAN MUG  Original Soundtrack for La vie acrobate                                                                                         

Trailer Festival * FIFDH 2021

NUMERAL  "Calabash" for FIFDH                                                                                                               

ZHdK Supercut

EGOPUSHER  "Patrol" for ZHdK   


Catering-Abend | Episode 3 von 5 | Staffel 3 | Nr. 47

MORSE  "Terrace Hill" for Nr.47 (SRF)


Durch die Nacht - Teaser Trailer (2017)

WOLFMAN  "Overboard" for Durch Die Nacht (film)


Celebrating 20 Years of Lomography

TAKE ME HOME  "Velocity" for Lomography


Boss im Kochen | Episode 5 von 5 | Staffel 3 | Nr. 47

WOLFMAN  "Humpback Whale" for Nr.47 (SRF)


New virtual reality based on neuroscience

CRISTALLIN  "Panta Rei" for EPFL/RealiSM


Entscheidungen | Episode 4 von 5 | Staffel 4 | Nr. 47

MR. RAY "Let It Go" for Nr.47 (SRF)


THE PUSSYWARMERS & RÉKA "Under the sea" + "Ride into the night" for Cronofobia